The Blue Gift

Why is the rarest J.Walker label the blue one?
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The Blue Gift

The best Johnnie Walker is the glorious Blue Label. More than a whiskey, the bottle is an object with its own dignity. But why is the rarest labeled with this particular color? The blue label is curiously placed above the golden one, at the labeling scale. Which is a controversial fact, because gold is the symbol of high value. Considering the history of the human conquest over natural hues, it gets easier to understand this choice. Blue has been invaded in its realms, skies and deep waters, very recently in our history (in the most recent thousand years). These are two unfriendly environments that we do not inhabit, so they remain desired trophies for many of us. By this practical bias, blue is a rarer and more exotic prize than gold.

Cobalt blue clearest tones are abundant in the sky. What relates these tonalities to the  qualities of the intangible: lightness and infinity. Effects of this relationship in our imaginary is observed in mythologies throughout history. Where there are mentions of intangible qualities gods and heroes, such as immortality, home or origin of such characters is pointed in the heavens.

The coastal waters are colored, mostly,  by Ultramarine Blue and medium shades of Cobalt Blue, themes related to understanding and cleanliness – tangible qualities of the ocean.

At deeper waters we have most serious themes, such as the Prussian Blue, related to authority and seriousness. This is JW Blue Label’s blue, eloquent choice. Authority is an exclusive attribute as such. The ocean offers formidable challenges, therefore, produces strong men. Perhaps its menacing symbols change as we overcome their distances and inhabitants bare-chested.

Whiskey is a classy drink. Power and good taste makes good use of it’s scents and hues. Johnny Walker is the whiskey brand that populates my imagination. Each item of the brand – the logo, the objects, the history, the motto, the labels – composes a coherent whole and powerful set. The name Walker, beyond sound, designs a formidable metaphor. The design of the bottle is useful, simple and elegant. The delineated culture through it’s ambitions, metaphors and company history are nothing short of epic. It bears the name of great business men around an effort spanning several generations. Nothing more fitting than crowning it’s most distinguished label with a trophy widely sought after by mankind very best men.

Photography by Brian Gaid and Max LaRochelle on Unsplash

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