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The Taunt Stories

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Design by Cosmic Capitanu

Many of the times I lay my eyes on information I feel thankful immediately. Its smooth and coherent color sets feels like good music. Its kindly paced forms are like gently falling rain drops. Its typography and carefully crafted blank spots guides the reader into the privilege of choice. And taking a step back to…

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The Blue Label

The best Johnnie Walker’s blend, from its label series, is the glorious Blue Label. More than a whiskey, the bottle is an object with its own dignity. The brand’s label scale has six colors: red, black, gold, green, platinum and blue. Typically, value ranges prioritize gold for obvious reasons, such as the Olympic gold medal,…

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Is Tesla’s Signature Adequate?

It is hard to observe these five letters in that outrageous kerning and not judge them beautiful.┬áIt is symmetrical, bold, brief, and a beautiful word. The odd number of letters is a bit better than the even alternative, for this case. With five we have the middle element. Lots of space for them to breathe…