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The Blue Gift

Why is the rarest J.Walker label the blue one?
The Blue Label 1024 498 Marcio da Costa

The Blue Label

The best Johnnie Walker’s blend, from its label series, is the glorious Blue Label. More than a whiskey, the bottle is an object with its own dignity. The brand’s label scale has six colors: red, black, gold, green, platinum and blue. Typically, value ranges prioritize gold for obvious reasons, such as the Olympic gold medal, precious metals for jewelry, and, of course, money. But in the JW case the blue label is the rarest and most expensive one. Their bottles are even numbered – such as copies of a work of art. It may be a choice of color for convenience, but among the possible reasons that surrounds it, the one that interests me the most is the history of the intersections between colors and human cognition.

Gold symbolizes the majesty and warmth of the sun, for its brightness and its color. Blue is the theme of the heavens and the waters, symbolizes tangible and intangible qualities of those environments that are so hostile to us. Gold is useful, as ornament, rough as it is found in nature. For the same use, blue must be produced. Between them, the gold is much more familiar to us and familiarity causes a certain contempt – The rarest trophies are also the most desired.

Lighter cobalt blues are abundant in the skies. They are thus related to the intangible qualities of it: lightness and infinity. Correlation whose effects are remarkable. In mentions of the intangible qualities attributed to gods and heroes throughout history – immortality, for example – we attribute its source or residence in the heavens.

The waters are the theme for the ultramarine blue and darker cobalt blue, relating them to purification and understanding, respectively – tangible qualities of the ocean. The exuberant ultramarine has already been the most expensive pigment in the world, with common use in ornaments of various types. The basic cobalt takes place guaranteed in environments related to education and health, for it’s sobriety.

Prussian blue colors the deep ocean, relating hue to the tangible qualities apprehended therein: authority and seriousness. This is the eloquent blue share of JW’s Blue Label. Authority is an exclusive attribute by definition. Color also suitable for official uniforms and suits. Suitable for the Blue Label, no doubt. But if I were to be trusted with this choice, that bottle would show some Ultramarine details.

Photography by Brian Gaid and Max LaRochelle on Unsplash

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