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Design by the hands of Cosmic Capitanu

A work of excellence
Design by the hands of Cosmic Capitanu 795 465 Marcio da Costa

Design by the hands of Cosmic Capitanu

Organized, smooth and restrained information is rare to see.  The natural state of things is degradation and disorder. We resist by our efforts for order and development, outcomes of vision and will of competent professionals. Here we will see an example: coherence and perspective in the exquisite execution in the design work by Cosmin Capitanu.

The hierarchy made evident in the following images uses color contrast, size contrast, amounts of information, alignments – all in a coherent and smooth way. Well-defined visual patterns guide the user into the privilege of choice. It’s easy to make a mistake by excess when using such amount detail. However, in this case, the effect is accurate.

Romanian architect, urbanist and designer, Cosmin is a professional of class. The level of judgment by him displayed is a fine combination of a sophisticated gift of sight and an effective training. Qualities united by an individual personal obsession in the form of competent action.

Design built on solid foundations of rhythm makes mankind better. It makes possible energetically efficient processes: better communication, cohesive communities, evolution. Rhythm is the systematic arrangement of information in time and space. Lines, angles, sounds, colors, or events can define patterns by means of rhythmic arrangements. The value foundation that underpins his work’s quality is rhythm. First there is the rhythm, then there is art, then there is science.

The quality on spacing and margin sets in his interfaces are considerably larger than the practice allows us to assign to the vast majority of projects published worldwide. Good taste on setting his color palettes requires some level of a better judgment. The finesse with which he connects various plans of interest by means of soft shadows and precise possible alignments reveals the fine level of attention to detail expected of an architect.

According to the Dunning-Kruger effect, competence is only recognizable to the competent. To the incompetent, competence is invisible. So it is a source of pride for me to recognize this an excellent one.

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