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Design by the hands of Cosmic Capitanu

A work of excellence
Design by the hands of Cosmic Capitanu 795 465 Marcio da Costa

Design by the hands of Cosmic Capitanu

The work with negative space in Cosmin Capitanu’s images is unparalleled. Each element has extravagant margins as a support, which makes the information clean and elegant. The fonts are as simple and minimal as the colors. It is the image equivalent of the sensation of freedom and cleanness of safe and wide spaces.

The hierarchy is abrupt in the available sizes, smooth in the coloring and charming in the depth obtained by the light and the shade. The alignment suggests an invisible but absolutely restricted structure; like the law of gravity it self.

The subtlety that defines his work is rarely achieved by designers who share this same obsession. It is common to eliminate things by minimalism, such as items, serifs or colors. Cosmin also do that in a way, but he also eliminates much of the contrast, saturation and figures that many would find indispensable. The elimination of figures often happens through a crop that values texture more than a face or a shape. A romantic approach.

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