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The design work by Cosmin Capitanu
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Design by Cosmic Capitanu

Many of the times I lay my eyes on information I feel thankful immediately. Its smooth and coherent color sets feels like good music. Its kindly paced forms are like gently falling rain drops. Its typography and carefully crafted blank spots guides the reader into the privilege of choice. And taking a step back to see the whole picture, I see a Renoir’s painting finally becoming the gun it is supposed to be. As all art develops into tools, those are cocoons for the innovation. New life, new solutions and new perspectives. I recognize this sort of event in the work of this fine gentleman called Cosmin Capitanu.

He is a romanian architect, urban planner and designer. A professional with great taste. This level of judgment he has derives from the gift of sight, which is a power with lots of applications. As defined by me, that gift is the capacity to understand coherence between form, color and space. The understanding process of it is a gut felling at first, developing into thought and speech afterwards.

Design built upon rhythm is human improvement. It makes possible energy efficient processes, cohesive communities, worldwide revolutions. Those events are kickstarted into reality by the mighty foot of artistic accomplishment. Rhythm is the systematic arrangement of data over time and/or space. Lines, angles, sounds, colors or events may define patterns via rhythmic arrangements. It is valuable data for analysis of any situation. Science is built upon that fact – data defining pattern is assumed truth. Like an aways predictable sunset, or the predictable mother-son bondage, or math it self.

Last I heard, he is/was working for Adobe Inc., which is a fine match for both. The last software I got from adobe, the Adobe Experience, is a really beautiful experience. I could say it has his visual fingerprint all over it. But that is just me connecting the dots.

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