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This company makes lots of money, but has a bad identity. I made a faithful contribution while working there for a year, no strings attached. Smooth abstractions, simplicity and practicality were values proposed as company’s principles. I’ve proposed a new company’s policy, slogan, designed new software interface, website, branding, icons, pictograms and apps.

We continually take next steps forward in decision making to overcome the lack of detailed information throughout transportation and security efforts from companies, freelancer and families. Fostering awareness on the road via tracking technology, saving time and money for what matters most.
– proposed company’s policy

The proposed slogan is “Know your ways”. The brand’s place in people’s lives and how it aligns with the best choice must be clear. It offers an opportunity, a good reason and a clear invitation.

Regarding their software, with a new information architecture I’ve managed to reduce the menu options at it’s software to only 19 options, from an original 149. We had equivalent reduction in the amount of required pages, while having no downside on the amount of information. Also, many products were addressed with a single stream of use, making even easier to learn. This alone makes obsolete around 90% of the existing video tutorials and PDFs made to help users to survive the available interface.

The new website was proposed as breathing exercise for people who had hardly inhaled anything for the past 20 years. A colorful, enthusiastic new solution to meet 2014 standards. And yet, year after year, their team fails to emerge from their twentieth century’s version.

They spent money building two apps back then, one for mobile and another for tablets. Each one with a different interface, which is sad, because their customers had to learn to use the same thing twice. I made one interface for both devices.


Branding project for Telecom Company from Brasília, Brazil. Proposition included the concept, branding, slogan, company's policy, website interface and app interface.

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