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Daniel Barbalho

Branding Project

Daniel Barbalho

Daniel Barbalho is a mastologist with a broad perspective on medical care. A professional whose care begins with his tone of voice, he manages to merge world class competence with personality and commitment. He works with renowned Brazilian hospitals – such as Sírio Libanês – but also attends privately in Brasilia. His services include diagnostics, surgical treatment, breast cancer prevention and breast reconstruction.

His brand has the benefits of elegance, using light pastel tonalities in pinks and beiges. It relies on nice imagery of healthy confident women as theme and samples of the desired effects. The shape of his logo defines a perspective on the magnificent design of the female chest. The widest curve outlines the contours of abundance in a woman’s breasts, and ties an end at its base, like a pendant for a necklace.

The result is, as intended, a symbol for mastology itself. Symmetry for control, elegance for taste, delivering a powerful visual north for the practice.



Branding project for Mastologist – Brasília, Brazil. Proposition included the concept, branding, brand guidelines, stationary and website. 2017

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