Daniel Barbalho

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Daniel Barbalho

Daniel Barbalho is a mastologist with a broad perspective on medical care. A professional whose care begins in his tone of voice, delivers the scientific competence of world class mastology centers, and extends it to caring for his patients’ self-esteem. He works with some of the largest Brazilian hospitals – such as Sírio Libanês – and also attends privately in Brasilia. His services mainly include diagnostics, surgical treatment, breast cancer prevention and breast reconstruction.

His brand has the benefits the pastel tones between roses and beige, colors that we could describe as feminine and comfortable, far from any error. It’s a commission for his private practice clinic. It uses images of health and perseverance as a theme and sample of the effects and objectives of these services. The shape of his logo offers

a perspective on the magnificent design of the female chest. The wide curve that defines it outlines the contours of abundance in a woman’s breasts, and ties an end at its base, like a pendant for a necklace.

The result is, as I understand, a symbol for mastology itself. A design taking these professional’s own words of competence and passion as fundamentals. Symmetry is relevant as a sign of control, the elegance of the curved lines speaks to good taste and the feminine form, delivering a visual north for the context.



Branding project for Mastologist – Brasília, Brazil. Proposition included the concept, branding, brand guidelines, stationary and website. 2017

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