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Dantas & Martins

Branding Project

Dantas & Martins

The Dantas & Martins logo is an ode to the glory of confrontations. Dantas is a Portuguese surname related to dolmens, megalithic religious monuments (in simplicity, Dolmens means stone table). Martins is one of the many names derived from Mars, Roman God of war. In short, A table for war, a board. They are attorneys, specialists in the defense and guidance of health professionals such as doctors and dentists.

The name couldn’t be more suitable. A powerful metaphor, a ready-made image delivered in synthesis that defines their cutting edge. The logo is the synthesis of this image, subtle references to healing and weapons, as well as elegant curves. The curves are eloquent in allusion to feminine forms and the grace of gestures under absolute control.


Branding for Law, São Paulo, SP - Brazil. Proposition included the concept, branding, brand guidelines, stationary, website and more. 2019

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