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Dantas & Martins

Branding Project

Dantas & Martins

Dantas & Martins Advogadas Associadas specifically serves professionals related to medicine.

Dantas & Martins’ identity is based upon the root of the two families’ names. In an objective translation the name is a compliment to the values demonstrated during confrontation. Dantas is a Portuguese surname related to dolmens, megalithic religious monuments (in free translation, Dolmens means stone tables). Martins is one of many names derived from Mars, Roman god of war. In short, a table for war.

The logo design is a visual synthesis of the alliance between a table, war, victory and medicine. Diagonal curves are eloquent allusions to feminine forms and intuition. The straight, orthogonal line, in direct contrast to the other lines, is a suggestion of intention and control. The leaves are an illustrative allusion to health.


Branding for Law, São Paulo, SP - Brazil. Proposition included the concept, branding, brand guidelines, stationary, website and more. 2019

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