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Figueiredo & Velloso

Branding Project
Attorney's Office

Figueiredo & Velloso

A shield is the subject for this peculiar logo. As I intend to explain, a design that defines in it self a formidable strategy for most men in the game.

Elegance and violence are common ground for great deeds. Two definitive aspects in this logo. For the protective aspect of the metaphor we have the balanced, robust and broad form of the shield. In the weapon aspect of it, we have the tips and the asymmetry of the tools for attack. The coexistence of both aspects, protection and violence, speaks of men at war. When men hunt other men the notion of hunter and prey are diluted upon the formidable game board. The hunting of armed men by armed men.

The elegance with which the parallel lines pattern rises, offers rhythm and positive direction to the shape. Two essential qualities to demonstrate class and correct disposition of the spirit. Pace in our efforts and optimism in our thinking.

A monument that celebrates the quality of men who design sophisticated strategies for the battles of reason and law.


Branding project for attorney's office. Brasília, Brazil. Delivery included the concept, user's guide, stationary, cocktail party's invitation and a website proposal.

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