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Machado Gobbo

This signature delivers discretion and formality, important values for advocacy as practice and for a corporate audience. It does so by avoiding excessiveness, extravagance or the simpleton.

It’s design was conceived to mirror observed values in our nation’s capital’s architecture. Doing so in this one classy abstraction already used in it’s main buildings.

Brasília is a source of inspiration, not only because it’s the main location, but also because of the ideas and values lying underneath it’s design choices. Such as elegant curves, empty space and consistency. Another source of inspiration was the etymology of both names, Machado and Gobbo: Axe and Hunchback, respectively. The shades of gray and turquoise, combined with the arches and block elements, were used to convey refinement, dignity and authority to the brand, without missing versatility and modernity. The whole combination disclose their values as well as aspects of their long-term personal choices.

MachadoGobbo Lawyers is a Brasília based attorney’s office with major operations in the corporate environment. Their proposal is distinguished by personalized and diligent attendance, along with the technical expertise gained by the two main partners in their career throughout major offices in Brazil.

Architecture photography by Maisa Rabelo


Branding project for Attorney's Office – Brasília, Brazil. Delivery included concept, user's guide, stationary, website, mobile wallpapers, contract template and portfolio.

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