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Branding Project
Health Business Group


Offrire is the Italian word for Offer. A reference to the main surgeon and founder’s surname overseas origin. The name proposal was also included in our provided services. A synthesis of named values, company history and ambitions. Long-term goals such as humanizing medical care, improving quality of life by prevention, while growing into a much larger and more powerful national-wide organization.

The design is composed by a two circles intersection. It is relevant as an image meaning energy trade, alluding to the fact that a care-offering person, is also a patient.

An exchange, a sharing, between two people.

This symbol that suggests a bond,  meets our research goals by conveying sophistication and temperance. The beige and ivory tones used were choices based on its calming effects on people.

Furthermore, it alludes to traditions in Christian history, Egyptian antiquity and it’s intersecting cultures such as the Kabbalah. It is a variation from the ancient design called Mandorla (italian for “almond”), or vesica piscis (Latin for “fish bladder”), an element in sacred geometry studies and practices.


Branding project for Health Business Group – Brasília, Brazil. Delivery included the name, concept, user's guide, stationary and website.

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