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Safety Ladders

Turvatikas Safety Ladder

Turvatikas means “Safety Ladder” in the Finnish language (Suomi). It produces safety ladders for telecommunications towers and is part of a major energy company called Eltel. After some small design work done for the team, I realized the untapped potential of the brand. So I made a proposal of my own.

The current Turvatikas logo (2017) comes from the hidden section of the mast of a ladder, which is not something tangible that can be related to the target audience. It does not carry any meaning or emotion, so it is not a symbol. The company would benefit tremendously from a brand change.

The previous design does not look like the signature of a security company, but the signature of a bottle maker’s one.

The new signature accommodates the entire name of the company on three different lines. 22 characters are too many to show on one line and the previous application of two lines is not elegant. When referring to the concept of a mast ladder, the logo offers an object and a metaphor. The first presents its main product, the second presents a path, a structure and an ambition.

The name TURVATIKAS is an international brand. If presented separately from the description, it must still be relatable. This new logo is powerful, readable and relatable.


Branding proposal for product company, Helsinki, Finland. Proposition included the concept, logo, and brand guidelines. 2017

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