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As it is already my pleasure, Venner’s founders are men of class. As accountants, they offer financial council for enterprises: organization, strategy, audit and planning. The three partners look up to the big four accounting firms, aiming for such a success. Named values were competence, character, nobility and wealth.

They deserved a work of art to sign their efforts, but I needed a suitable metaphor to work with, which was hard. But I found it eventually.

My metaphor of choice was that of a sailboat making it through a hard, heavy storm. The captain with a peaceful heart.

Some might find it hard to fill the gap between a sailboat and finances. I find them quite alike; for both, planning for unpredictability are a thing. We do know increasingly more about the environments of our practices, but there is always a black swan waiting to happen, as Nassim Taleb would briliantly argue.

So, yes, we do work to live bonanza, but we plan for the black swan. Our signature must reveal elegance and the confidence of the fearless, but it must never lack a salute for our moments of glory facing horror.


Branding project for Accountants/Auditors from Brasília, Brazil. Delivery included the concept, user's guide, stationary, and website.

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