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Sunset in a Bottle

Reading the Blue Label
Sunset in a Bottle 1024 498 Marcio da Costa

Sunset in a Bottle

The color at the Johnnie Walker Blue Label’s label is the robust Prussian Blue. Tone of the deep waters at the seas, from where it brings formidable authority. The gold that pairs it has its first origin in the sun, our brightest star. From it we get the suggestion of abundance, while it gives contour and content for the blue background: sun over the ocean. Together they suggest the authority of kings, severe fortune, a path of light over darkness.

The contents of the bottle is pozzuoli-red in color, like the sunset. Coincidentally, that is the right time to have it on our table. A warm and vibrant frontier color. The glass in the bottle is as clear and smooth as an open day. A shade of light cobalt blue that brings with it the intangibility of the sky. In other words: if it were possible to contain a sunset in a bottle, like a precious gem, this object would be the result.

The inclination of the label position gives movement to the overall image. The controlled imbalance of a step. Something that echoes in the name of the Walkers and in the Victorian Dandy that serves them as symbol.

In other words: The day of a young king that rises in wide strides, severe and generous, has his greatest treasure in the high ground, at the top of the mountain he climbs. The precious moment immediately before death.

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