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Sunset in a Bottle 1024 498 Marcio da Costa

Sunset in a Bottle

The color at the Johnnie Walker Blue Label’s label is the robust Prussian Blue. Tone of the deep waters at the seas, from where it brings formidable authority. The gold that pairs it has its first origin in the sun, our brightest star. From it we get the suggestion of abundance, while it gives contour…

Is Tesla’s Signature Adequate? 1024 433 Marcio da Costa

Is Tesla’s Signature Adequate?

It is hard to observe these five letters in that outrageous kerning and not judge them beautiful.┬áIt is symmetrical, bold, brief, and a beautiful word. The odd number of letters is a bit better than the even alternative, for this case. With five we have the middle element. Lots of space for them to breathe…