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Is Tesla's Signature Adequate?

Is Tesla’s Signature Adequate? 1024 433 Marcio da Costa

Is Tesla’s Signature Adequate?

It is hard to observe these five letters in that outrageous kerning and not judge them beautiful. It is symmetrical, bold, brief, and a beautiful word. The odd number of letters is a bit better than the even alternative, for this case. With five we have the middle element. Lots of space for them to breathe individually values individuality. The chamfers resemble the effect of light on low-relief edges. What provides depth for a single-color image. Simplicity is reiterated by a fixed body-weight letter. Letters A and E missing parts, to me, deliver an invitation. As if I had just offered my small contribution to something absolutely worthy. The invitation, the visual depth, the simplicity and the individuality, illustrates a little of the future that pleases me: consistency, abundance and individualism. I breathe poorly when they take away the kerning .

The big tooth “T” does not bring me to the same spirit. It reveals sloppy violence, or lazy violence. Something to be interpreted by the majority as “competitiveness” for an aggressive market. Perhaps “focus” or “frontier” if interpreted as a nail or separator. But these judgments seem short-sighted to me when compared the final opera. I only see the violence. A future striving company, shining the dazzling light of clean energy over our old obscure habits, should not sign their products with anything but abundance and power. Examples of values ​​can be found in brands such as Nike, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai.

Even so, I will love my Tesla when I buy it. I will greet and praise that ugly tooth as if it came from Napoleon Bonaparte’s  mouth. Such miracles happen over time and are much more than their stumbling steps.

I would say that Tesla’s signature is only good at the back of it’s magnificent Roadster.

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